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It Takes Thyme


It Takes Thyme is a quartet that spices up their audiences in more ways than one. Full of richness, like thyme, the quartet is flavourful and blends well without being overpowering. It is said that thyme was a source of courage to the ancient Greeks. Orangeville Show Chorus’ very own It Takes Thyme is certainly a source of courage to chorus members.


The quartet consists of the chorus Director Joan Borden, Pat Vipond, as well as Pat’s daughter Cathy Koolen, and their good friend Elly Brass. Each member adds their own special spice to their unique sound. 


Joan’s voice, the solid ‘bass’ of the barbershop sound, along with her mellow, rich tones, is not unlike the base of a good soup, providing the tasty stock of the quartet. 

      Cathy’s strong flavourful voice, as needed in the lead part, presents a delicious musical entree. Like any entree, the lead can stand alone, but is often more enjoyed through the mixture of other courses.

     In barbershop harmony, the baritone’s job is akin to a delectable sauce that has simmered for hours, creating the savoury balance of the senses – yummy, smooth sound that melds and molds to the notes around. Pat has simmered her voice for a few years now!

     Of course, what good dish would be complete without the hint of flavouring that sets the taste-tester to pondering the wonder of the dish. Ah, the tenor sound, with the wistful, clear tones that Elly so artfully sings, adds this quality.

     So, that is the menu of It Takes Thyme. Should you wish to have a taste of this well-rehearsed quartet, please email them.