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Spare Time

“Spare Time” quartet is comprised of Tenor, Marg Smith, Lead, Anne Richardson, Baritone, Sharon Lambert, and Bass, Anne Leitch. The Orangeville gals conscripted Anne L. from York Harmony and a new quartet was born.

The name came from the whole notion that singing is what we love to do in our spare time and spare time is also what we need in order to do it!!!

The quartet auditioned in October of 2019 after several months of gathering and choosing and learning new music. They have been successfully registered for the past two years.

One of their favourite songs is ‘Sound of Silence’ and unfortunately with the Pandemic, it has become a real theme song. Due to travelling distance and restrictions they have been unable to meet, although they have kept in touch.

Hoping for a future where chords can ring again and spare time can be time filled with “Spare Time music” and friendship and love.